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My Kind of Stories!

Love this podcast! Just the right balance of darkness and humor to suit my needs. Well done!

Original content done well

Dark humor? Check. Original tales? Check. Amazing production value? Check. I was hooked by the promo on 2 Girls on a Bench, and now I’m a life-long fan. Well done Podfix people, well done.

Clever and hilarious

We appreciate good writing and this show brings it! Laughed out loud listening to the story of Mark Twain and the massacre of Charlotte’s web! Looking forward to more episodes!

Funny. Twisted. Awesome.

Heard an add on “two girls on a bench” podcast, and cracked up. Immediately went and subscribed to DTFolk and listened to “rainbows” on my walk. Died laughing. And now know the origin of a rainbow (that Noah story is a sham!!!) Really well crafted and produced. Dark, funny and creative. A mu…

Outstanding...and odd

Love! Can only be described as what would happen if Lore decided to be a comedy podcast. But not an in your face comedy podcast. Like a super subtle under the radar comedy podcast.