Nov. 26, 2021

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Six

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Six

It's National Podcast Post Month! Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry.

It's National Podcast Post Month!  Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry. 

Today’s Selection:“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” - Bryan Adams 

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WEBVTT 1 00:00:06.320 --> 00:00:11.189 Poetry. It's Friday, for those of you that haven't tapped out yet. 2 00:00:12.070 --> 00:00:15.789 On the plus side, there are only five more of these to sit through. 3 00:00:15.830 --> 00:00:21.109 Unless the rumors are true that Chad is making this a new stand alone 4 00:00:21.230 --> 00:00:26.859 show, please email Chad at DTF Storiescom at please talk him out of that 5 00:00:27.059 --> 00:00:36.729 decision. That won't end well for any of us. Look into my eyes 6 00:00:37.850 --> 00:00:48.450 and you will see what you mean to me. Search your heart, search 7 00:00:48.850 --> 00:00:55.079 your soul, and when you find me there, you will search no more. 8 00:00:56.960 --> 00:01:04.230 Look into your heart and you will find there is nothing there to hide. 9 00:01:07.790 --> 00:01:14.069 Take me as I am, take my life. I would give it 10 00:01:14.109 --> 00:01:23.700 all, I would sacrifice. There is no love like your love, and 11 00:01:25.379 --> 00:01:40.849 no other could give more love. There is nowhere unless you are there all 12 00:01:40.890 --> 00:01:52.280 the time, all the way. You can't tell me it's not worth trying, 13 00:01:52.599 --> 00:01:59.439 for I can't help it. There's nothing I want more. Yeah, 14 00:02:00.000 --> 00:02:04.829 I would fight for you, I lie for you, walk the wire for 15 00:02:04.989 --> 00:02:15.819 you. Yeah, I would die for you, and you know it's true. 16 00:02:16.659 --> 00:02:23.819 Everything I do I do it for you.