Nov. 29, 2021

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Nine

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Nine

It's National Podcast Post Month! Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry.

It's National Podcast Post Month!  Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry. 

Today’s Selection:“End of The Road” - Boyz II Men 

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WEBVTT 1 00:00:06.719 --> 00:00:12.630 Poetry. The end is near. You can almost smell it. Well, 2 00:00:12.710 --> 00:00:17.629 maybe that's the break room, since that dipshit went a wall. Never Mind, 3 00:00:18.030 --> 00:00:30.660 take a deep breath. It will all be over tomorrow. We belong 4 00:00:30.859 --> 00:00:37.810 together and you know that I'm right. Why do you play with my heart? 5 00:00:39.289 --> 00:00:47.450 Why do you play with my mind? Said we'd be forever, said 6 00:00:47.450 --> 00:00:55.600 it would never die. How could you love me and leave me and never 7 00:00:56.960 --> 00:01:04.469 say goodbye when I can't sleep at night without holding you tight? Each time 8 00:01:04.510 --> 00:01:11.909 I try, I just break down and cry the pain in my head. 9 00:01:14.709 --> 00:01:26.260 I'd rather be dead spinning around and around. I know you really love me. 10 00:01:27.219 --> 00:01:36.370 You just don't realize. You've never been there before. It's only your 11 00:01:36.650 --> 00:01:44.769 first time. Maybe I'll forgive you, maybe you'll try. We should be 12 00:01:45.170 --> 00:01:57.120 happy together forever, you and I. Will You love me again like you 13 00:01:57.840 --> 00:02:04.870 loved me before. This time, I want you to love me much more 14 00:02:05.870 --> 00:02:14.469 this time. Instead, just come to my bed, just don't let me 15 00:02:15.069 --> 00:02:29.659 go, although we've come to the end of the road, still I can't 16 00:02:29.659 --> 00:02:40.449 let go. It's unnatural, because you belong to me and I belong to 17 00:02:40.569 --> you.