Nov. 25, 2021

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Five

Classical Poetry with Chad - Day Twenty-Five

It's National Podcast Post Month! Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry.

It's National Podcast Post Month!  Chad takes us back to 1991 for 30 days of Classical Poetry. 

Today’s Selection:“Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” - Travis Tritt 

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WEBVTT 1 00:00:04.000 --> 00:00:09.269 Poetry. For the past several weeks you have been beaten into submission by Chad 2 00:00:09.470 --> 00:00:14.990 and his shenanigans. But Chad is not here today, something about some gluttonous 3 00:00:15.029 --> 00:00:20.070 American holiday, so I shall be the one tormenting you today. Enjoy. 4 00:00:32.219 --> 00:00:38.969 You say you were wrong to ever leave me alone. Now you're sorry, 5 00:00:39.329 --> 00:00:44.729 you're lonesome and scared and you say you be happy if you could just come 6 00:00:44.890 --> 00:00:52.079 back home. Well, I thought what we had could never turn bad. 7 00:00:53.320 --> 00:00:58.240 So your leaving caught me unaware. But the fact is you have run girl. 8 00:00:58.679 --> 00:01:03.880 That can't be undone. So here is a quarter. Calls someone who 9 00:01:03.960 --> 00:01:12.150 cares. Call someone who will listen and might give a damn. Maybe one 10 00:01:12.189 --> 00:01:18.109 of your sordid affairs, but don't you come around here handing me none of 11 00:01:18.150 --> 00:01:25.780 your lines. Here is a quarter. Call someone who cares.