Oct. 13, 2021

Behind The M.A.S.S.K. Part Five

Behind The M.A.S.S.K. Part Five

In the final installment of "Behind The M.A.S.S.K.", we hear the story of a Humble Farmer and his connection to three people forced to tell made-up stories.

In the final installment of "Behind The M.A.S.S.K."; Chad discusses the origin story of the Humble Farmer and its connections to a parallel universe where three people are trapped inside a secret organization being forced to tell made-up stories.

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What happens when you take three people,  put them inside a Secret Government Agency and give them access to the largest collection of folklore, fairytales, and legends that have (n)ever existed?

Down To Folk is manufactured by M.A.S.S.K. The Ministry of Augmented Something Something, and a K.

**Down to Folk is a work of comedy fiction.  The views and opinions related within should be taken as such, and are not the views and opinions of the creators, writers, or performers.  No children were harmed while creating this podcast, although, a few deaths have occurred, but that 'twas the Wendigo I reckon.** 

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