June 2, 2021


Burning questions answered...How did the Black Plague begin? Who is St. Fiona?

Burning questions answered...How did the Black Plague begin?  Who is St. Fiona? 

Guest Writer
Our guest writer this week was Stephanie Hammerwold.  Hammer is a Benchling for Two Girls On a Bench - The Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @HRHammer You can still find 2 Girls on a Bench on twitter @2GirlsOnaBench too.

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What happens when you take Two Podcasters put them inside a Secret Government Agency and give them access to the largest collection of folklore, fairytales, and legends that have (n)ever existed?

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Guest Writer

When not writing and bringing little known saints back from the dead, Stephanie is the HR director at a tech startup in Southern California. In her free time, she is an avid baker, which is inspired by Saint Fiona’s dedication to baking the perfect soda bread. She’s also the founder of a nonprofit that helps formerly incarcerated people get back to work.